Proudly presenting our ECG analysis team

Besides using novel technology and advanced algorithms, Cortrium also rely on human specialists, which is why this team is such an important part of our service. We call them our Quality Control (QC) team.

Humans vs. algorithms

While our algorithms analyse the data, used to generate the reports, each report is thoroughly checked and verified by at least one cardiology specialist before it is delivered to our customer.

Cortrium’s QC team consists of cardiology specialists with different backgrounds, such as Cardiologist, Cardiology Nurses, Paramedic and Lab and Cardiac Technicians. They all, contribute with their cardiology experience and together they have close to 200 years of experience in this field.

Inhouse development

Additionally, Cortrium’s inhouse QC team collaborates closely with the inhouse software development team, and there are literally no barriers between ideas to development. As a result, the software development is faster and new features target healthcare professionals and their needs.


The QC team are constantly feeding back valuable knowledge and data to the software development team to improve the algorithm development for future analyses and reports.

Sparring and learning

But it is not just the algorithm and software that benefit from the vast experience in the QC team. The QC team in Cortrium has daily conferences and sparring where special cases of complex arrhythmias are discussed and evaluated by the entire team in order to develop their skills even further. As a result, complex cases and reports are often evaluated by several from the QC team before it is sent to the customer.  

Passion and drivers

Important factors not to overlook are the passion and dedication which drive the QC team members in Cortrium. They all go to work every day because detecting heart arrhythmias and preventing strokes is what really motivates them – that is, being part of making ECG easy in order to benefit and support as many health care professionals as possible and ensuring each patients get the right treatment. And as our colleague Tina says: “So, in Cortrium it really isn’t Humans vs. Algorithms, but really creating a winning combination from the best of both worlds”. Because that is truly what Cortrium is about.