Research Kit

 Looking for a wearable ECG and vital signs monitor for your research project ?

Then take a look at what Cortriums research kit has to offer:

With a C3 you have access to the Cortrium App, letting you view ECG and vital signs in real time. Further, you can create events and stream data to our cloud service.

Apex helps you to easily extract and convert raw data and events from the C3 via the USB port. Further it aids you in transferring the data to our cloud service.

Core9 is a cloud service for storing, arranging, viewing and analysing your data. As well as providing live stream of your test subjects ECG and vitals.

Why Choose the C3?

With its high quality ECG, Cloud based data storage and analysis, as well as competitive pricing and ease of use, the C3 is perfectly suited for the research environment.

We collaborate with hospitals and universities in various research continuously validating and strengthening our algorithms.
Check out our current research projects here.

We operate with an open technology policy, granting you acces to our SDK for integrating the C3 with your own app.

Don’t let your research suffer from low-quality health data from fitness trackers the C3 is on the verge of medical grade 2b approval.

Technical specifications


Three channels
24 bit @ Fs=250Hz

Size & Weight

Weight: 25 grams
Length: 50mm
Height: 9mm

Respiratory Rate

Breaths per minute
24 bit @ Fs=41.67Hz


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE)
Open restful API available

iOS & Android SDK available


Skin surface
24 bit @ Fs=41.67Hz


3.7V rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Minimum 24 hours recording
Recharged using micro USB


Noise detection
24 bit @ Fs=41.67Hz

Internal Memory

4 GB micro SD-card for 7 days of continuous recording