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C3 device - Pricing



There are two ways of acquiring a C3 device:

1) Purchase – EUR 1.300 per device

2) Lease – EUR 65 per month* per device
*minimum lease period: 3 months

Please send us an e-mail: All prices are excluding delivery cost

The C3 device is solely for research and testing purposes.

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Our App

At Cortrium we aim to be as user friendly as possible. Therefore our app lets you monitor test subjects through live vizualisation of ECG, respiratory rate, body surface temperature and posture, as well as letting you stream the data directly to our “admin module”.
The app also lets you specify test subject information, and define and log events.


Need your own App?

We support both android and iOS platforms, however, if you have specific needs which are not supported by our app, we invite you to use our SDK and build it.
If you want acces to our SDK, please get in touch with us


Data & Analytics



The C3 functions both as an offline and online recorder, letting you record data for:

  • real-time visual inspection on your tablet or phone
  • remote visual inspection by streaming it to the cloud
  • post-processing of the raw data

The C3 stores all data on an embedded memory card (4 GB). You can always get access to the raw data at a later stage.
The accessible raw data: Three channel ECG, Body surface temperature, Respiratory rate and the Accelerometer data.

In order to analyse your data, just use our MATLAB tool (C3 GUI) for analysing and annotating data – or do your own analysis within MATLAB or via other analytical tools of your choice.

Our tools are accessible here: Cortrium Analytical Tools

Admin Module



The admin module is an easy to use organizational tool for your data acquired via the C3.

It gives an easy overview of all your test subjects, and helps you store and categorise your data in the format of your choice.

You get instant acces to the admin module with purchase or rental of any number of C3 devices, however, if you just want to try out our admin module please get in touch with us.

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