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Save data from Cortrium C3 using iTunes

Things you will need:

  1. Cortrium C3 device (contact Cortrium)
  2. iOS device with recording (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Apple Lightning USB cable:
  3. Apple iTunes installed on your PC or Mac (download here:

Okay, all good? Let’s get started! Step 1 – the only step! Connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac using the Apple Lightning USB cable. Start iTunes. If this is the first time you connect, click “trust this device/allow” in iTunes and on the iOS device when prompted. Click on your device (iPad in this case):


Click “Apps”:


Scroll down to “File Sharing” till you see this a list of installed apps. Here, select “Cortrium”:


Select one or more recordings in the list to the right:


Scroll further down and click “Save to…”:


Now, save your recording to your hard drive. You can analyze the data in MATLAB using our scripts on GitHub: