Finally, we have it. The Cortrium app is available on Android. It is still in beta. However, you can download and test the app by clicking on Google Play below.

Get it on Google Play

The Cortrium Android app version of the iOS app has been requested from the research communities we are serving. So far we have managed to release customised beta versions with limited user interface possibilities. Now the Android app has data monitoring and visualisation features known from the iOS app.

With the app, you are able to live stream your EGC (three channels), Pulse, Respiratory rate and Body surface temperature. Soon also the accelerometer data.

Android app – Intro

1) Make sure C3 device is currently available for connection by pressing the device button
2) Attach the ECG electrodes to the C3 device and place the unit on your chest
3) Enable Bluetooth on your tablet or smartphone
4) Click on the “Cortrium” app
5) Pair your C3 device by selecting the unit in the list within the app
6) The app will automatically connect to the device and start displaying data

Watch the Android app – Intro video on Youtube

Hint: In case you lose the Bluetooth connection at any point  – Push “Connect” button for automated reconnection

Next steps
In the future releases of the app, you will be able to:

  • Record, save and download vital signs data
  • View previous recordings
  • Stream vital signs live to the cloud
  • Automatic calculation of the Early Warning Scores (EWS)

If you have any suggestion for future releases, please write it in the comments box below.