Clinical Trials

At Cortrium we participate in several projects demonstrating the usefulness of the C3 ECG Monitor in research. Easy application, comfort and great flexibility in recording and monitoring makes the C3 perfectly suited for both short and long term projects.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of obtaining CE class 2 Medical device approval, in order to extend the usefulness of the C3.

  • Validation of Cortrium C3 for ECG Measurements 60%
  • Innocan Vital Signs Monitoring COMPLETED 100%
  • Left Atrial Appendage Closure During Open Heart Surgery (LAACS) 30%
  • C3 Pilot-study for vital signs monitoring. COMPLETED 100%
  • Innocan Trials in Lübeck and Kiel 1%

Check out in which areas the C3 is currently being tested

Heart Rate Variability

Groningen University Hospital (NL)

A comparative study on 50 subjects testing the validity and viability of 2 HRV monitors (including the C3) against validated HRV monitors through paired measurements.

Atrial Fibrilation

Bispebjerg University Hospital (DK)

Data validation through a comparative (C3 device and Holter monitor) study. Conducted at the Cardiology Dept. of Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. ~180 test subjects included, some with known atrial fibrillation.


Groningen University Hospital (NL)

Description on its way

c3 Holter Monitor
Vital Signs Monitoring

University Hospital Zealand (DK) + UKSH (DE)

Data validation for respiratory rate, heart rate, body, surface temperature, accelerometer data, and explorative study to identify infection based on the aforementioned. Conducted at the Oncology Dept. of Næstved Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. ~200 paired measurements of oncology patients admitted in feverous state.


Johannes Kepler University (AU)

A feasibility-study to detect dementia delir phases via selected non-invasive body worn sensors, e.g. Eye-Tracking, kinetic sensors, ECG sensors and more.

Open Heart Surgery

Bispebjerg University Hospital (DK)

Data validation and feasibility study. PhD study where the Cortrium C3 monitor will effectively replace the Holter monitor in diagnosing atrial fibrillation. Conducted at the Cardiology Dept. of Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. ~80 postoperative (open heart surgery) patients randomized to specific interventional therapy or control group.

Quality is the priority, collaboration is the key.

Quality is our foremost priority. We collaborate with hospitals and universities in research validating the use of the C3 as a Holter Monitor. If you are interested in using the C3 for a research project, let us know.